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Candidates for Procedure

  • Patients desiring aesthetic changes to their nose (eg. tip shape, bridge size, slope)
  • Patients with disfigurement issues due to trauma such as a severely broken nose
  • Patients who have achieved complete facial growth

Success Rates

  • It is crucial for patients considering rhinoplasty to have realistic expectations for the procedure. Although surgeons have mostly perfected the technical aspects of the procedure, there are several factors which will determine the success of the procedure. Factors such as quality of your nasal tissue, cartilage and bone, healing process, dysmorphia and the perceptions of the patients will play a major role in achieving a successful outcome.


Recovery Time

  • Short Term: 5-7 days to resume activity
  • Mid-Term: 7-14 days for majority of bruising and swelling to reduce
  • Long Term: 4-6 weeks for external healing and subtle changes are noticeable for up to one year

Treatment Period

  • 2-3 hours, depending on complexity
  • Hospital stay is usually not required, but may require a stay of up to 7 days if necessary



Risks & Side Effects

  • Potential for numbness
  • Possibility of nose bleeds
  • Possibility for scarring at the base of the nose
  • Potential for swelling
  • Possibility of nerve damage
  • Possibility of under or over correction, which may require revision rhinoplasty




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