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Your payment is due at the clinic/hospital of your choice, on the day of your procedure.

HTT Medical Group does not take any payments from patients. All payments are made to the clinic/hospital of your choice at the time of your procedure.

The types of accepted payment may differ with each different clinic/hospital. 

However, acceptable types of payments include cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfers and travelers checks.


Costs of living and doing business in other parts of the world are much lower, especially when calculating the conversion rates to local currency. This allows the hospitals and clinics to have much lower overhead including rent and labor costs. Also all of the administrative costs associated with insurance companies are taken out of the equation, which brings costs down even lower. Be assured however, lower costs do not equal a lower quality of treatment.


The prices of the treatments do not change in either case. We have negotiated our fees with our partner clinics and hospitals, and they do not reflect any extra fees onto your treatment prices. The treatment prices are a flat rate and will not change.

Our fees have been negotiated with our partner clinics and hospitals and do not reflect onto your prices.