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Before You Go

No, the consultations are always free of charge.

There is no time limit or deadline on your quote or treatment plan. You may decide to go through with the treatment at a time that best suits your needs.

At this time we do not make flight arrangements for our patients. We consider your ticket purchase as your intent to carry through with your treatment, which is why we are able to work without a security deposit. We can assist you with your flight purchase and give you all of the travel information possible, but we do not currently make flight arrangements.

Your lodging will be arranged for you as part of your treatment plan. The price of lodging is included in the total price of your treatment.

We have developed partnerships with some of the top hotels in the cities we are operating in. We will arrange your stay at one of our partner hotels, which are always a minimum of 4-Stars.

We do not require a security deposit, or any prepayments of any kind. Proof of purchase for your flight shows us your intent to carry through with your treatment plan.

Once we have collected all pertinent information from you, that info gets passed on to our doctors and clinics. After they have reviewed all of the information, they will return to us with a treatment plan and a price quote. In most cases, this will only take a few days once they have received all of your information.

Costs of living and doing business in other parts of the world are much lower, especially when calculating the conversion rates to local currency. This allows the hospitals and clinics to have much lower overhead including rent and labor costs. Also all of the administrative costs associated with insurance companies are taken out of the equation, which brings costs down even lower. Be assured however, lower costs do not equal a lower quality of treatment.


The prices of the treatments do not change in either case. We have negotiated our fees with our partner clinics and hospitals, and they do not reflect any extra fees onto your treatment prices. The treatment prices are a flat rate and will not change.

Our fees have been negotiated with our partner clinics and hospitals and do not reflect onto your prices.