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Communication with HTT Medical Group

As HTTMedical Group, we do not add any penny to your treatment plan pricing.

We are only focused on;

  • Preparing your treatment plan without a penny added on top of your costs,
  • Receiving your x-rays, photos and laboratory results for an efficient consultation with the doctors at clinics,
  • Scheduling your pick ups and drop offs with clinics/hospitals, ensure you are scheduled with the promised treatment plan,
  • Our main job is searching and spotting best clinics and preparing affordable treatments for you!
  • We work non-stop with doctors and clinics and developing an endless options for you.


When you directly contact with the clinics and hospitals;

  • You have no clue when the clinic is established?
  • Their instagram and other social media may be fancy but it may be a fiction and you will find out concludingly bad experience,
  • Are they running the operations due to the health regulations,
  • Are you sure you will be picked up and dropped off to airport on time not to miss your flights, (that may cost you thousands of dollars)
  • Much more stuff not as seen on the internet.


We understand this, it is obvious to run a clinic/hospital properly is hard and communicate with international patients while both sides are in different time zones.

  • The Most important concern must be, when you come back home, if there is an unexpected development of a complication, are you informed about this at the clinic? And, if you need to go to clinic again, who is going to protect your rights.
  • Our Izmir-Turkey, Toronto-Canada and Asheville NC-USA offices will meet the case and set the things right without a penny added on top of your costs.

HTT Medical Group is here for you anytime.


Are you going to follow up with me when I come back?

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